Ritual Face Serum

Ritual Face Serum


This luxurious blend of organic botanicals is formulated to nourish, restore and protect the skin. The base for the serum, sesame oil, contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and healing properties. These properties have long been recognized among ayurvedic practitioners who call it "The Queen of Oils." 

This rich but easily absorbed oil is infused with whole cannabis flower and then enriched with an array of fine, organic oils. Rosehip, borage and seabuckthorn are some of the most beneficial oils for the skin.

Finally, it is scented and enhanced with pure essential oils chosen for their restorative qualities, including blue chamomile, palmarosa and frankincense. 

Ritual Face Serum is dedicated to the Golden Goddess herself, Aphrodite. Charged with golden light, this face serum truly allows you to Be Radiant. 

Each 2 oz. bottle contains 50 mg CBD and 100 mg THC
It is also available in 100 mg CBD only

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